I get SO sick of People’s Ability to Research New Pets! (Venting)

  • I’m having a really hard time, peoppe just annoy the crap out of me. Someone is selling hedgehogs and she is keeping two in the same cage and they have no heat set up and no bedding besides a fleece pouch and is only selling them for $40. There are so many people interested asking the lady what they eat and require and she’s not saying. So I responded very nicely informing everyone of what they require and telling people to do their research before they dive in. I understand everyone starts somewhere but why can’t people do as much research and buy one rather than just going into it thinking “oh all animals are so easy to take care of I don’t need to know anything about them.”
  • I grill everyone I sell my babies too. If they don’t pass the test, they don’t get one. I also charge 200$. Not to be mean, but to make sure people are serious.
  • I don’t think it’s mean at all but I bet some people don’t understand. So I also asked if they had any health problems or have had mites or skin infections before but no response.
  • One of my babies has an infection right now so he will be staying with us forever.
  • I try n advise people to research when I see local adds, my friends always tag me in them but I can’t take them all in. Yesterday I commented on one and asked her if she would consider giving to a rescue to make sure they go to a vetted home. She completely ignored me and bumped the post up and spoke to others who were asking about him. You can only do so Much sadly
  • Yeah I did my best to inform the people interested and hopefully the seller as well. I know I did what I could people are just super frustrating sometimes.
  • I made the worst mistake of giving one of my accidental babies to someone I thought was serious but he continues to feed the hedgie horrible cat food. *sigh*
  • It breaks my heart…love these babies right or leave them to someone who will…….

I’m new to owning my new Hedgehog. Please help me

  • i’m a first time hedgie mommy to my little girl Zelda (born March 18th). Everything is new to the both of us, and she’s still a little grumpy as she’s been going through her quilling to get her adult spines in. So any tips/tricks to get her more socialized would be helpful as well. Please feel free to add me as a regular friend as well! I want some people on my friends list who have hedgies.
  • Congrats on your new hedgie baby. I’ve only had my girl for a month so I’m not sure how much I can help. The breeder I got mine from had advised not to put them back in their cage when their huffy or back off when they get huffy (within reason). Every night I talk to my girl Widget, before I take her out. I also try to do it at the same time every night so she can expect it. My girl isn’t much into exploring so she usually just cuddles under a fleece square in my arms. While she’s with me I start petting her back, then I’ll try scratching her belly or behind her ears. If she huffs I’ll go back to petting her back. If yours is super huffy, maybe start with keeping her in a cuddle bag on you so she can get used to just being with you. If she’s quilling avoid putting her on her back or even petting her back for the time being. Treats are always helpful too. Mine goes crazy for chicken baby food (just straight chicken & water nothing else added). I still love my pet micro pig more than my hedgehog haha
  • She’s only huffy towards my boyfriend and strange people. When I hold her she’ll actually let me pet her quills because she’s calm. Just worried since after I took her to the vet and he had to poke at her she’s more grumpy than usual, but we’re working on it smile emoticon
  • Yayyyy congrats and welcome smile emoticon I have my first hedgie as well smile emoticon she’s a rickety old lady and she’s so wonderful. My biggest trick was that I let her sleep in an old snowboarding hat of mine. It smelled very strong of my scent/stink 😅 so now when I pick her up I cuddle her to my neck and she smells my hair and recognizes me as her home smile emoticon I also give mealies every time I bother her!
  • We wake ours up with a couple mealworms. Then we pick her up. We also wait until the afternoon and let her sleep in the morning since shes up so late.
  • congrats, you should hold your hedgy everyday no less than 30 min also not true when they get huffy to put them back in their cage because what happens they learn they get huffy and growl you wil leave them alone and put them back in their cage. You might ask yourself if hedgehogs are good pets or not?  If you want to bond with your new baby so you can even have her sleep on you or just hold her in your lap while you are watching tv.
  • if she’s huffy with your boyfriend maybe have him hold her in a cuddle bag or on a fleece square while watching tv for half the time she’s out then he can hand her off to you. If she gets huffy just have him keep holding her before he gives her to you. Just keeping pushing through the huffiness
  • Zelda usually first wakes up around 9:30 when I feed her, she gets up and eats for a bit, then goes to bed for about another 1.5 and then she wakes up, eats & drinks, and then runs on her wheel. Once I see that she’s gone potty on her wheel i’ll usually hold her to try and not get popped on as much. Lol. Always give her mealies and talk to her daily, usually also talk to her when i’m putting new food in so she recognizes my voice and associates me with yummy food.
  • We also do a lot of cuddle time after her baths. She likes to snuggle up in the towel, i’ll hold her to where she can hear my heart beat, then I just on the couch and watch tv. (Like in the photo posted) She really is a sweetheart now that she doesn’t have too much quilling happening (find a few in her food dish when she’s done eating every now and then, and they come off in the bath) but not nearly as much anymore.

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